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Home / Passive / Transformer / Transformer Misc Parts Available from Verical:

MPN Manufacturer Description
SGE2668-1G MICROSEMI Transformer Misc 1:1:123.1 1000Vrms Gull Wing Surface Mount
SGE2687-1G MICROSEMI Transformer Misc 1:80 1000Vrms Gull Wing Surface Mount
TM1062TXHUA PULSE ENGINEERING Transformer Misc 1:1 12.95 X 10.67 X 3.56mm Gull Wing Surface Mount
4-1611453-7 TYCO ELECTRONICS Power Transformer Single Prim. Single Sec. 120V Prim. 24V Sec. Flange Mount
SGE2655-3GTR MICROSEMI Transformer Misc 1:35.4 2500Vrms Gull Wing Surface Mount
ST6118T PULSE ENGINEERING Transformer Misc 1500Vrms Gull Wing Surface Mount

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